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Economic decline of USA is rooted in country’s spiritual decline

By Vladimir Minkov

That’s true – the economic decline of the USA is rooted in our spiritual decline. And our spiritual decline is evident from the facts described in my paper “How One Must Understand the Separation of the Church from the State - both According to the U.S. Constitution and According to the Torah” at…


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Judeo-Christian spiritual unity needed for survival of Jewish people and Judeo-Christian civilization

We, the Jews, have accused everyone for not preventing the Holocaust:

the peoples of Germany who allowed the Nazis to come to power;

the countries of Europe who allowed themselves to be run by the Nazis;

the United States who didn’t destroy the railroad lines to the extermination camps by bombing them and who did not accept the Jewish refugees from the Nazi Germany;

the Pope who didn’t stand up for the Jews…


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Philadelphia's Congregation Mitveh Israel: The Spanish-Portuguese tradition of America's early Jews


In historic Philadelphia, just blocks from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, stands a modest red brick building.  Unlike the better-known historic sites, Congregation Mikveh Israel, a Sephardic Congregation at 44 North 4th Street, tells the history of a miniscule group of refugees who arrived in America not long after the Pilgrims.

After Portugal re-conquered Brazil from the Dutch in 1654, twenty-three men, women and children fled Recife, Brazil for New York…


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North America's First Jewish Settlers

America's First Jewish Settlers,  Jews from Spain and Portugal

In September, 1654, on a warm sunny day, a ship known as the St. Catherine unloaded a group of refugees from Recife, Brazil onto the soil of Dutch-ruled…

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Jewish Patriots of the American Revolution, an ongoing series

Isaac Franks

In the late June of 1776, frightened residents of New York City—then just the lower tip of Manhattan—watched a flotilla of British ships cross the horizon and glide towards New York Harbor.  By then a least half the city’s population had fled…

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