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What I Believe

   I believe that Almighty Yahweh is One, and that He reveals Himself in the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit.

   I believe that the Sacred Scriptures, which has both the Old Covenant(Old Testament) and the New Covenant(New Testament), and that they both are divinely inspired, Word of Almighty Yahweh and was written of men that were inspired by the Spirit of Almihty Yahweh.

   I believe that Yahshua the Messiah has come, was…


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The First Jew

Who was the frist Jew?

The first Jew was not Abraham.

The first Jew was in Abraham's son Isaac.

Abraham was not a Jew, he was Hebrew.

The first Jew came from the seed of Isaac, not Abraham.

The Land of Israel.

Israel is the land promised to Abraham.

Israel is central to the Jewish…


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Restoration of Israel

Many teach that the Old Testament prophecies concerning the future of Israel are to be interpreted spiritually and that they refer to the Church as spiritual Israel. Israel, in both Old and New testament refers to one of the following: (1) To Jacob, son of Isaac whose name was changed to Israel. (2) To the Kingdom of the Ten Tribes which came from the House of David and became known as the Kingdom of Israel. (3) To the twelve tribes, descendants of Jacob/Israel who as a united nation will… Continue

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