Children's Hanukkah story promotes tolerance and diversity

Whether you have a child who is the only Jewish child in a classroom adorned by Christmas decorations, or you want your child to better understand how it feels to be that single child, please read the Hanukkah story, "Freedom Doesn't Just Come Along with a Tree." 

Beautifully illustrated, in this holiday poem that starts as a twist on the classic Night Before Christmas poem, the mother is proud of her son who becomes the catalyst for tolerance and change. Through his youthful innocence, he inadvertently teaches his classmates about diversity, how it feels to be singled out, and what it means to have your rights taken away. The boy's classmates learn there are more religions than their own, as well as a diversity of holiday celebrations, each deserving of respect.

And don't miss out on all the extras in the back of the book...a fantastic latke recipe, holiday projects, good-deed ideas, and more extras.

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Happy Holidays!

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