Is it important to teach our children our history, even if it includes suffering, disobeience to G-d, the Holocaust etc.?

In raising my children, I truly believed it necessary to teach them about Jewish history.Because of (Deuteronomy 32:7). We are able to understand our plight from generation to generation and we are instructed to teach our children about our heritage.(good and bad). We have a  rich, deep and definitive and spiritual history. It is something to be proud of and something to hold dearly to our hearts. Our identity is our connection to who we are today. Not to share it with our children is destructive in itself.

The struggles of the Jewish people led to great successes. Our accomplishments led to our ability to help others on a grand scale… All of this is exactly what HaShem wants and expects form us. Some people believe that we should shelter our children from the unpleasantness endured my millions throughout our walk in this world. But, the great sacrifices and achievements we as a people have made, have become the foundations of morality in the Western World.

Recognizing these facts and transferring these thoughts to my children only made them greater human beings, as I wanted my children to be one thousand times better than myself.

I shared with them the struggles  of my people during the ancient times of Bereihis, Shemos and Vayikra. Many times we sat on the floor discussing the laws and stories of our plight, stated in Bamidbar and how they helped to develop a people. I let then know that they came from great kings and prophets. I also let my sons know that they were chosen by G-d to be his people.  I shared with them the Jewish Nobel Prize Winners, the great Jewish philanthropists of Western Europe. And yes, I shared with them the great suffering of the Jews, during the holocaust. My parents were killed in 1942 Wurzburg Germany and my children needed to know as many details that I could give to them. I did not shelter them from any truths about our Jewish past.     


 My question is: Is it important  teach our children about our history, even if it includes the suffering we endured ?



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