1. Musings of an unemployed writer (unemployed writer...are those terms synonymous??)

2. Finding my feet in a city that shakes

3. Something to do other than rearranging my tupperware once again

4. The trials of apartment living in a building where no one has a job

5. Wandering through life with a book in my hand

6. If only you could wear books, they would be my only possession

7. Being Me...and figuring out who exactly that is

8. Reading my life away...addiction or asset?

9. Secrets of an Introvert wearing an extrovert's shoes

10. Dear God, I hope you're laughing

11. What to be when I grow up

12. To do: stop making lists of things to do

13. If you have your own parking spot at the library, you know you're in trouble

14. If I'm a grown up, do I have to stop sleeping with a stuffed animal?

15. Can you speak up? The voices in my head are drowning you out

16. Tales of a nice girl embracing her inner crabbiness

17. Finding the mute button for my brain

So, here's a toast to everyone who is walking through life, certain that everyone else must know what they're doing and where they're going, but who somehow hasn't received the life rules
memo yet. And for those of you who have that memo, please share! To everyone
who thought they knew what their life was going to look like, what their
occupation was, how they wanted to show up in the world and then lie in bed
thinking, "what the hell happened"?

To all of us who have discovered that, despite the best laid plans, life can and will throw you curve balls every step of the way. For all who can understand that tetris really should be
a full time job and that they really didn't teach me everything i need to know
in kindergarten. To everyone who has visited the corner gas station just to
have some human contact on a work day where all of the "normal"
people are busy at work. To anyone who reads to stay sane and writes to
breathe. To those of you who have made lists similar to this one:

Ways to pay my rent:

1. Sell my plasma as often as possible

2. Find a sugar daddy

3. Learn what a sugar daddy is

4. Sell my eggs (not the hard boiled kind)

5. Call home

6. Remember that I'm an adult and should stand on my own two feet

7. Ponder where i can find more capable feet

This is a toast to convince you, convince me, convince us all that we are good enough, that there's no such thing as good enough, and that it is in the messiness that we grow. And then
again, when will all of these obnoxious growth opportunities end...I'm happy
being stupid for a while!

This is a salute to my fellow earth members who's greatness just hasn't been recognized by anyone other than your mom. Who are scared to grow up, desperately want to grow up, have no clue what being a grown up looks
like, and still get out of bed each morning, messy parts and all. Who understand
the paralysis of trying to figure out WHAT TO DO IN LIFE and the pressure that
comes when each decision feels like it's setting the course of your life. For
all of us who are trying to survive in a lumpy world seeking to make a
difference, live passionately, breathe in beauty and voice our soul. Let’s make
a toast to choosing life, because it’s better than the alternative.

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