Truth about Jesus is amazing than "Kosher Jesus"

Now there is a controversy going on about a book “Kosher Jesus” written by  Jewish Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.. Truth about Jesus is more amazing than “Kosher Jesus” says about Jesus the Jew. Jesus is the most misunderstood person whoever lived on earth. Jews and Christians agree on one thing about Jesus that Jesus claimed he is the messiah. But the most astonishing truth about Jesus is that Jesus didn't claim he is the messiah. Not only that Jesus told the Jews that they should not believe any individual who claim he is the messiah. He told the Jews no individual would come as the messiah, who or what would come is the kingdom of god. 

Jesus told the Jews to always remain as Jews facing all the persecutions awaiting them and prepared to accept the Kingdom since it is not known when it will come. The contemporary Jews expected Jesus is their messiah but were disappointed that He didn't overthrow the Romans and declare himself King, like the Messiah was supposed to do. So they rejected Jesus saying he is a failed messiah and failed to understand his message.

On the other hand, some the Jews found their messiah in Jesus and interpreted words of Jesus and Bible in such a way to make others also to believe Jesus is the messiah and son of God. The Jews who say Jesus is the failed messiah and the Jews later became Christians who believe and preach Jesus is the Christ and son of God both went wrong in understanding the message of Jesus. 

The word messiah has no such meaning as “Savior“. Messiah simply means “anointed one”. But when the Jews started to give a meaning “savior” for the word messiah there they started to give wrong interpretation of Bible words. Yahweh is the only savior of Israel and there is no other savior for Israel according to Bible. 

Jewish belief in a messiah in the sense “savior king” lies in the promise God gave to David. In fact the promise God gave to David is conditional one. And sons of David many times failed to fulfill that condition. so God is not bound to keep his promise. But Jews inadvertently believe that the promise God gave to David is an unconditional one and that belief led the Jews to believe God is bound to provide them a super king “Messiah” from the sons of David. This wrong interpretation of Bible words and belief in a Christ culminated in Christian religion.

Hence a different interpretation of New Testament is necessary to reveal the real Jesus who questioned the Jewish tradition and who prophesied no individual would come as messiah but who or what would come is the kingdom of God.

I have written a different interpretation for New Testament titled " Truth Hidden in the Gospels Revealed ". It is not yet published. I would like to present it before Bible scholars for their examination and would like to get their constructive criticism. If anybody is willing to help me please contact me in the Email address:-


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